Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Adios, Chile!

So today is my last day in Chile.  My plane is leaving at 10:50pm tonight.  My group is meeting at the university in one hour with all our luggage to go to the airport!  I cannot believe how quickly this is all happening!  I feel like we just got here!!!!  At the same time, though, it feels like YEARS since I landed and met my host family.  Time is a weird thing.

Since I last updated on Monday, I don't have too much to say.  Yesterday was my last day of classes.  I had a final presentation in my literature class and then I was done!!  It was a nice feeling to be work-free in Chile!  My professor took us all our for ice cream after class!  It was really cute of her.  Later that evening was our farewell dinner.  All the students and their host parents, as well as our program directors, Chilean tour guides, and a few staff members from Universidad Mayor had a really great dinner in a restaurant on top of Cerro San Cristobal (which, if you recall, I climbed up about two weeks ago!).  The dinner was seriously nice and so fancy!  I ate this super delicious chocolate mousse for dessert.  Seriously, it may have been the best thing I've eaten in Chile!  It was really great to meet other host families and spend the whole evening speaking Spanish!  After the dinner, the entire group of students went out together!  It was really fun and a great way to end the trip!

Today has consisted mostly of packing and spending my remaining Chilean pesos.  I walked around the city for a while, trying to soak up as much warmth and sun as I possibly could, and then my roommate and I got to eat one more meal with our host parents!   It's funny--we really did not do much bonding with Pachi and Mauro during the first three weeks of the trip, but we have spent so much time with them recently!  I have really loved getting to know my host parents.  I think living with a host family has been such a unique experience (although sometimes it was awkward and frustrating!).  I cannot wait to do it again in Spain!

Now I am trying to kill some time before we have to meet at the university.  Leaving is so bittersweet!  I am really looking forward to seeing my family, eating spaghetti, and sleeping in my own room again, but I really love it here!  I guess that's the sign of a great trip!  I am so sad to be leaving!  Just writing this is making me sad!

I have learned a lot during my month in Chile.  I really think my Spanish speaking skills (say that three times fast haha!) have really improved!  I've also (gracias a Dios) learned a lot of new vocabulary!  I learned a lot about Chilean culture, as well as history and politics.  As fun as this trip was, I am glad I will be walking away from it having learned so much!

I'd like to thank y'all for reading my blog this past month!  I hope that you enjoyed getting a glimpse into my Chilean adventures with University of Delaware!  I am sure you will all hear many more stories about Chile next time I see you!  I can't wait :-)


Mi profesora y yo!

Mis padres chilenos

Lisa (my roommate) y yo

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